Spreading Knowledge Supporting Families Through Social Media



For our project we did a social media campaign. Our PIC theme was Supporting Families, Supporting Kids, and how the communities we live in support this message. We created blogs and shared them on different social media outlets with the hopes of spreading information and engaging the public.

The central goal of our PIC project was to discuss and engage others on the struggles families face while raising children. These struggles ranged from the cost of childcare, adult education and parenting classes, the cost of healthcare, and the quality time parents have available to spend with their children in order to tend to their overall well-being.

We understand that every one of the topics we discuss has an impact on a child’s educational experience. If parents cannot afford the cost of childcare at a day care center their children may miss out on educational activities outside of the classroom, as well as social skills from interacting with other adults and children outside of their families. Parents and children with limited access to health insurance may miss days may face economic difficulties due to debt or delayed medical care due to lack of coverage.

Among addressing these issues we provided links to services and other resources to help families in the Portland metro as well as the San Jose Bay Area. We hope that you find the information we’ve gathered helpful and are willing to share it with friends and family.



Supporting Kids, Supporting Families


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