Supporting Families, Supporting Kids: Revitalizing the Computer Room at Spencer House (Maria, Schae, Maia, Justin, Bobbie, and Megan)

Our Team theme was supporting families supporting kids for our project we decided to focus in a community project where it helps kids do their homework. We decided to do our project at Community Partners for Affordable Housing at the Spencer’s House location in Beaverton.

This program is for the elementary and middle school kids of the apartment complex. In this program kids come after school get homework help, eat snacks, play games and have fun! With all of us already volunteering at different locations I took a closer look at my after school program and see what will benefit them! I realized that they have a computer room, but never use it because out of the 4 computers they have only 1 worked. All the kids would always be fighting for it and on top of it all it was very unsafe for them to be in the room because it was full of random boxes and things. I decided to ask Lisa, the site coordinator if we can fix up the room. Once she approved, I brought the idea to my group and they loved it. We got together cleaned up the room, painted the walls, had the kids paint pictures to put up and had Schaleena fix up the computers. And even thought she wasn’t able to fix all 3 of the broken computers she fixed 2 and now they have 3 working computers! With got the kids involve and had them help, so they felt like they were part of the project. The kids love it and they are very excited to use it. They even made computer lab rules. And are excited for future kids to use it as well.


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