Be the Change to Inspire (a PIC Team Project by Maxine Bounmy & Jennifer Rizzuti)

Our PIC Team theme was Supporting Families Supporting Kids, and our focus was on the impact mentoring has on at-risk youth and their families. We decided to create a blog where people in the community could go to if they want to learn more of what a mentor is, or if they want to become mentors and aren’t sure where to start. We chose to highlight the impact of mentoring on at-risk youths and the academic benefits it has on their future. We promoted our blog through many social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and emailed PTO Presidents in surrounding communities to see if they would highlight our blog in the parent/student newsletters or emails.

Jennifer1Please view our video HERE.

One of the blog pages is a list of organizations in the PDX and surrounding areas in Oregon where people can find out more about mentoring organizations if they are interested in helping at-risk youths. We understand that there are many organizations out there, and trying to find the best one to fit you could be overwhelming. Our goal was to help alleviate the stress for potential mentors and to raise awareness on the many benefits that mentoring has on at-risk youth and their families.

How will this help educational equity? At-risk youth have many barriers to overcome in order to have a fulfilling and successful outlook in their education from poverty, behavioral problems, poor academic performance, overwhelmed parents and more. By having a caring adult (like a mentor) outside of the family, the youth would have someone on their side, to support them, and guide them in the day-to-day decisions in their life. The youth will see that they could be productive members of society, by finishing their education and even going on to college. When an at-risk youth has so many barriers in their way they are more likely to give up on their education because they are worried about so many other things that affect them now in the present that they may not be looking into the future.

Check out our blog Mentoring Youth Matters if you think you can be that person to inspire an at-risk youth or if you want to find other ways to help!



One thought on “Be the Change to Inspire (a PIC Team Project by Maxine Bounmy & Jennifer Rizzuti)

  1. Jennifer and Maxine, I really like the statistics you gave during your video. In addition, I like the blog and website you provided so others can get more involved! This video was very educational, and I really appreciate the topic choice. This is an incredible project!

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