A Helping Hand for the Boys & Girls Club (A PIC Project by Matt McBeth)

Due to circumstances, I found myself in charge of my own PIC project. Because I was working on borrowed time, I started to panic. Then, I went down the list of ideas my original team and I had brainstormed, and decided that a donated goods drive would be the most effective course of action. The question was, where would I begin a new partnership? After jotting down some ideas, it hit me: The Boys & Girls Club.

The partnership made sense. For starters, many of the topics covered during the class discussions applied to the children at the Boys & Girls Club. The majority of its members are people of color, with a percentage of 69%. It also comes without saying that they are from low-income families, many who are enrolled with the club as an alternative, affordable source of child care for their parents. The club’s largest age group is the 6-10 year-old range, which are the prime years of childcare.

The Boys & Girls Club also offers educational resources for students, such as tutors, homework rooms, and computers. I decided that I wanted to contribute books and art supplies, as I feel that they are a positive addition in the successful outcome of a child’s cognitive development. With the club director’s approval, I began my donation drive.

Fortunately, I had the help of a friend. She posted flyers around her workplace to help spread the word. I was worried about not receiving enough items in the given amount of time, but that ended up not being the case. All in all, I was able to donate stacks of books, a good amount of art supplies such as paints, crayons, and paper, and around 40 DVDs (all age appropriate). Not only that, but I’ve made a personal commitment to the club that will see continued donations of books and art supplies.

The feeling of knowing that I may have made a positive impact on a child’s life is something I can’t really describe. Reading has always been special and important to me, and I hope some of the books I was able to donate will inspire the lives of whichever child chooses to open their pages and dive into a world of imagination. I encourage any of you reading this to reach out to your local chapters of the Boys & Girls Club and consider donating as well.


One thought on “A Helping Hand for the Boys & Girls Club (A PIC Project by Matt McBeth)

  1. I am so happy that you were able to donate thirty books, and that you helped promote literacy for the Boys & Girls Club. I agree, I am happy the number one item needed was books! Great job, Matt!

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