Supporting Rosemary Anderson High School: How School Works or Doesn’t (a PIC Project by Nathan McGuire)

Throughout the Portland State University 2015 spring term, I conducted a PIC Team project based off of the theme, How School Works (or Doesn’t), with a specific focus on how lack of school materials can negatively affect students performance in schools. The beginning of the term I started volunteering at Rosemary Anderson High School- East. Where my main job was to work individually with students in whatever they needed help with. RAHS provides a last chance opportunity for students to earn a high school diploma, and is currently achieving a 90% graduation rate amongst students who enroll and attend classes. RAHS East launched in 2012 housing students in the Gresham- Troutdale area.

Most families that go to RAHS can not afford to move out of the community so that their child can have the choice of going to a new public school in a different community. What I have also seen is creativity brewing in the policies and politics of education, programs trying to find a way for all children to have equal funding and a chance to learn in their schools. My plan is to try and embody more creativity in my community site for future success not only in its funding but in their students thinking as well. These opportunity gaps and social inequities are a huge factor in the success students have in the United States.

For my project I chose to create a fundraiser for RAHS for strictly schooling materials. I ended up receiving around $300 worth of school supplies, which 100% of it was donated to Rosemary Anderson High School-East. It was a amazing feeling being able to help out even though my contribution felt small. These kids need school supplies that will help them be able to learn new educational skills throughout high school and hopefully into college.


Keep up the Funding!

  • If you want to further your involvement within a school, visit RAHS website and donate.

One thought on “Supporting Rosemary Anderson High School: How School Works or Doesn’t (a PIC Project by Nathan McGuire)

  1. Nathan, that is amazing you were able to get $300 worth of materials for the students you work with! This project is awesome!

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