Supporting Summer Activities: A Fundraiser for CPAH (by Megan, Olivia, Auzurea, and Emily)

pic team picOur group volunteered with Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH), a corporation that seeks to develop affordable, permanent housing that sustains the health of the community. In addition to that, CPAH has a special focus on the
youth residents, especially youth in 1st through 9th grades offering afterschool programs at three of their residential properties. During these programs, youth are given time to complete homework, eat a snack and play games that help keep them engaged during the school year. In the summer, however, children are often bored and are in need of interaction and engagement. In 1998 CPAH started OAKS summer youth program at their Greensburg Oaks apartments in Tigard, OR and
extended summer program to Spencer House apartments in Beaverton, OR in the summer of 2011. The summer program encourages the youth to interact with one another and promotes educational activities such as summer reading programs with their local libraries. Each summer program lasts five weeks and includes a plethora of activities that include OMSI, a trip to the beach, a day for environmental education, viewing a live musical, a visit to the Oregon Humane Society, and participation in Summer Reading Programs offered by local libraries. Please watch our SHORT VIDEO to hear a little bit more about OAKS Summer Program.

Our team had an umbrella theme of Social Roots of Educational Inequities, which explores ways that poverty, housing, and hunger impacts children and schools. CPAH’s mission is to create better opportunities for people in our communities, and that includes all of the children in those communities. By offering these programs, CPAH is enriching youth of our community and we fully believe that all of these children can and will be successful because of the programs and resources they have available to them. With that in mind, we started brainstorming ideas for our group project we found out that CPAH needed funds for their summer program more than anything due to the fact that they are mostly funded by donation from their community partners. We tossed around different fundraiser ideas…but we were having a hard time coming up with something solid.

Our team reached a final decision of having our fundraiser at Backstop Bar and Grill in Canby, OR where Olivia works. Backstop Bar and Grill graciously agreed to host our fundraiser on Sunday August 9, 2015, from the hours of 8am-9pm, during which a percentage of the proceeds from that day would be for CPAH. The Fundraiser was huge success! We raised $275 for OAKS Summer program!

We are so excited for CPAH and the summer youth program, with the amount that we raised we are able to send 30 kids to Cannon Beach and five kids to the Oregon Humane Society, AND send 5 kids on all 5 field trips!!

Thank you to everyone in our community who joined in the effort for CPAH! We appreciate all of YOU!

For more information please visit CPAH’s website:


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