Oregon’s Free Tuition for Foster Youth (by Megann, Laura,Michael, and Jennifer)

For our PIC Team project we decided to create an informative brochure about the free college tuition available to Oregon’s foster youth. We thought this was important because 80% of foster youth want to attend college but only 20% do and less than 10% attain a bachelor’s degree. To reach our target audience we partnered with multiple organizations in the community that have direct contact with foster youth. We distributed the brochures to DHS, libraries, Kinship House, and CASA. In addition to providing the information about the tuition waiver, we were able to include a list of resources that will further support foster youth being successful in school.  For more information, read this.



What I enjoyed best about our project was learning about the rights, funds, and organizations available to foster youth. One of the motivations behind this project was to get the word about the tuition and fee waiver (which none of our group knew about before Jennifer mentioned it) and I am very proud to have been a part of creating a brochure to do this. I feel very hopeful about extending the reach of the tuition waiver through this brochure, and I have developed a lot of faith in the agency and strength of foster youth. I learned a great deal in working on this and I’m pleased to go out into the community and share my new knowledge. In working with my team I helped to cultivate ideas and potential community partners, design the layout of the brochure, and distribute it to libraries and organizations.



This project has been a very worthy endeavor and if we reach even just one child, then this was all worth it. I am glad that I was able to be a part of something that directly impacts the community in a positive way and I was also able to do it with the limited resources that I had. I hope we make someone’s future brighter.



Developing the brochure has been a wonderful experience, I am happy to have been a part of a team that believes in our project and created something so powerful that will go on to touch the lives of others for years to come. As a first generation college student I was proud to work on a project that supports social mobility through education. During the creation of the brochure I worked on explaining the reasons why higher education is important for youth to pursue, contributed to the layout, and researching organizations for distribution.







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