Building a Social Media Campaign Around Standardized Testing (by Mike, Rachel, Troy, and Brandon)


Our group hosted a social media campaign in order to bring more attention to issues in education that have implications on nearly every student in the public education system. The issue that we felt was most applicable to the wide array of students who make up our education system, was the level of inequality that occurs in standardized testing. Any form of test that requires all students to answer the same selections of questions the same way (multiple choice, t/f) and are scored the same way, doesn’t successfully serve a diverse group of students who come from all backgrounds of life. Our group decided that the best way to promote awareness of this issue was to create a social media campaign by creating an Instagram page dedicated to the educators, politicians, and activists who influence standardized testing procedures. Instagram, similarly to twitter, has a high usage of hashtags (#) on every photo on the website. People search using hashtags, as well as group items into folders using it.

130807_Standardized_Testing_t800_hb264cb8516a66fe53240909f43fffc606f392a4bBy using hashtags, we are able to group important pictures and information on a very popular social media site, increasing awareness. Focusing on standardized testing is important because children deserve to be able to prove that they are knowledgeable, creative human beings, in away that best suits their needs, rather than machines that can just repeat information. On our Instagram page, we uploaded images that we thought were influential in bringing attention to such an important matter. We created the hashtags #standardizedlies #testless and used a few connecting us back to PSU and education.


Ultimately we were able to create awareness of an ongoing issue that is often overlooked, or even goes unnoticed to most of the population. In order to improve the quality of the education our children are receiving, increased awareness of issues that impact the quality of learning is a vital aspect to improving the education of future generations. Becoming more informed and involved in your community is easy, a great way to start is by checking out our Instagram page at: or which entails several of the issues in addition to standardized testing which are having major implications on our education system. In addition to increasing your awareness of issues that are negativly impacting our education system, you can also become more involved by voicing your concerns on these issues  to local government agencies like the Oregon Department of Education ( Better yet, for those who want hands on experience in helping the community, consider volunteering some of your time to helping local organizations that are dedicated to improving the quality of education. Some prime examples of volunteer programs to consider include: Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH), Portland Youth Builders Alternative High School Completion Program, James John School Schools Uniting Neighborhoods Program, Wilkes School Schools Uniting Neighborhoods Program and Roosevelt High School’s Writing & Publishing Program.


In terms of improving the educational system, anything helps! We encourage you to become more informed, voicing your concerns to the educational agencies that impact our school systems, and volunteering in schools and programs dedicated to helping underserved students in your local area.

On our behalf we would like to thank you for your interest in helping our education system and future generations of students!


Mike, Rachel, Troy, and Brandon



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