Providing Virtual Mentorship with Your Mentors Blog (by Javi, Andrea, Kyle, and Rebecca)

We were given the category “How Schools Work (or Don’t)” for our PIC project. Inspired by the Madison High School virtual pen pal program, which two of our teammates were participating in, we wanted our PIC project to focus on Madison High as well. Madison High has several wraparound programs in place to help students succeed, but the need for college mentors was something that we hoped we could meet with our blog Your Mentors Blog (

We first contacted Jaydra Johnson, who is in charge of the Madison virtual pen pal program, to find out if there was a greater need for mentorship at Madison. According Jaydra, Madison students were in need of college mentors and/or “…just someone to talk to”. We decided to build off of the virtual pen pal program by creating a blog that would be accessible to all Madison students. The goal of the blog was to provide resources and information about college (applications, tuition, scholarships, etc.) for Madison students and their parents. We also wanted to create blog posts that would give students a glimpse into our lives as college students, our personal stories, lessons we’ve learned through our journeys, and our perspectives on issues surrounding education inequity.


Mentorship provides advocacy and support to students, increasing their likelihood of success. Mentorship programs can enhance academic achievement and social and emotional development of mentees. Most mentor-mentee relationships are personal in nature, but our focus was to provide mentorship to as many students as possible. Using a blogging platform allowed us reach many students. Blogging also allowed us to model proper grammar and punctuation, academic success, persistence, and critical thinking.


During the past eight weeks of operation, Your Mentors Blog has received an average of eighty-nine visitor-viewing hours and our most popular post was “A Day in My Life at PSU”. We completed a total of sixteen posts. Our blog’s information was passed on to Jaydra, some of her colleagues and students at Madison High as well as Madison’s College and Career Cente


3 thoughts on “Providing Virtual Mentorship with Your Mentors Blog (by Javi, Andrea, Kyle, and Rebecca)

  1. I really liked where you went with this project. A lot of young students are so unsure about the path to college. I know I was and it would have really helped to have something like this to clarify misconceptions and to just understand more of what I was getting myself into. I think this will be really helpful for people who need a little extra help or are unsure of what path they are taking. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think that creating a blog for high school students was an excellent idea and a great way to connect with students virtually. The blog is full of valuable information for high schoolers and I think the kids at Madison and other schools will really benefit from all of this advice. I loved the themes for your posts like Day in My Life at PSU and College Misconceptions. Jaydra sent out an e-mail to all of the Madison High pen pals and she mentioned that the students really liked the blog and wanted more time to look at it. Congratulations on making such an awesome impact and good luck to all of you.

  3. I think it was an excellent idea to create a blog to make a direct connect with high school about the reality and struggles of being a college student. I am jealous that I didn’t have an opportunity like this when I was in high. Someone to ask question about classes, financial aid, support programs, admission process, etc.. Great job in getting students involve with a new modern method other than the traditional. This shows that traditional is not always the right answer. Congratulations on your innovated idea, I like the idea to start one directed to parents.

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