Fundraising for Field Trips (by Hillary, Brian, Matt, Stephanie, and Sara T.)

busThese past 8 weeks have been intense with trying to raise money for a North Gresham Elementary School’s fourth grade class. In poverty stricken areas it is difficult for parents to be able to afford to send their children on field trips, and often teachers and other parents try to cover the cost. Field trips are an important part to any child’s education because of the learning done, exposure to other cultures, and being able to build stronger relationships with one’s classmates. Our main goal was to try and relive some of the stress of parents and have a pool of money to cover all the field trips this year. While my group did not meet our particular goal, we had to work past roadblocks and didn’t give up.

Our main objective was to obtain a fundraising method that would be sustainable, so it was thought that the Fred Meyer community rewards would be a good option for that. The rewards program works by connecting your rewards card to a specific organization and then every three months Fred Meyer will cut that organization a check for a portion of the money spent by people who are supporting that organization. This initially seemed like a great idea, but after quite a bit of time was spent into making it become a reality we were given the red light because one of those programs already existed at the school. While we are extremely happy the school is getting money and help from people just shopping at Fred Meyers, it was still disappointing and disheartening to find out all the work put into it had been for nothing.

While several of our projects didn’t have the turn out we wanted, we were still able to build relationships within the community with talking about our cause. There are several stores in downtown Gresham that are now partnered with North Gresham Elementary, and there are ideas of what will and will not work for future classes who take on this project. While our goal was not met, we still were able to build relationships within our class, and a hopefully long term relationship with between Portland State University and North Gresham Elementary.


16 thoughts on “Fundraising for Field Trips (by Hillary, Brian, Matt, Stephanie, and Sara T.)

  1. Awesome job guys…I admire the fact that even though obstacles got in the way, you still persevered. You still made a difference in a kids life. And though you may have not have reached your goal, you started a trend within the community for advocating the importance of field trips for enriching a child’s education that will only grow as time goes on. Well done.


  2. Hey Hillary, Brian, Matt, Sara and Stephanie, I loved how your video captured your perseverance in finding a way not only to raise money for students to be able to go on field trips, but also to make the community aware of the needs in their own backyard. The music chosen for the video along with Sara’s closing statements definitely left me hopeful and believing that the work you guys did will live on.

  3. Bummer that fred meyer didnt work out. Cool that they gave you a gift card though. And super resourceful using your connection to the tattoo parlor. Nice move. Also the music reminds me of like commercials that try to get people to adopt animals from shelters. Great job!

  4. Its a bummer that fred meyer didnt work out as you hoped, but it was cool that they gave you a gift card, not totally in vein. Also nice move with the tattoo parlor, very resourceful. Great job!

  5. Great work PIC Team! I did not know there were programs like this, and what a great idea for parents and the community to give back to their schools. That is a bummer a program like this was already in place at North Gresham, but still, great work!

  6. Thanks for introducing us to the Fred Meyer community rewards program, I did not know you could link your card, but I am going to do this asap. Even though it didn’t turn out quite the way you wanted, at least the program is already in place. My team ran into similar issues with programs that were already full or in the process of being utilized by N Gresham. Eight weeks is a short amount of time to make real change, but if each class can build upon the work of previous classes, I think we will start to see that change in the community. Thanks for all of your hard work, I am sure the 4th graders will appreciate it.

  7. Although circumstances outside of your control put a damper on your Fred Meyer Rewards idea, you guys still created awesome change and inspired others! I’m really glad I got to work alongside a group of such motivated people! You compiled a pretty awesome video too 🙂

  8. I really enjoyed your group project. I think many of us in this course appreciate the work we all can do to establish social change.

  9. Hey all, I thought you did an awesome job. Particularly being able to roll with the problems and setbacks that come up when collaborating on a project like this. It’s great you all kept looking for solutions and ideas that would be successful even when you ran into problems. I think it’s important to remember that when things happen as it did with you all and Fred Meyer, for every success or golden project, there are going to be a number of ones that fall through or don’t catch on. You guys did a great job handling this and coming out with positive gains and a success. Way to go guys!

  10. I admire that you all did not give up, I know that the students and families greatly appreciate your efforts. It’s not something we think about often, especially if we don’t live in poverty stricken areas, but the struggle is real for many families, and despite your roadblocks as a team, I am sure you inspire others to make a difference. We all need to be reminded that poverty exists and it’s closer than we like to think, and sadly it’s not just about food and money, but children and their schools like you said having difficulty for parents to be able to afford to send their children on field trips. Every child deserves to go on fieldtrips without causing more stress to their families! Great job guys!!

  11. Your team did a great job reaching out to so many avenues in the community. Even if you were not able to reach your goal, you created awareness. The new relationships that you formed within the community can continue to build and possibly help for future needs.

  12. Great work, I think it important to remember that monetary goals don’t always equate success, I believe you guys did a great job regardless of not reaching the monetary-goal. Be proud of your work! Thanks to everyone. It was really great meeting everyone in this class

  13. I really enjoyed your video presentation. I was inspired by how well you were all able to articulate your thoughts and feelings about how you wanted to help make the things better for our society. Your entire presentation was top notch and the money you were able to raise was very inspiring.

  14. It was great to learn about North Gresham’s anti-bullying campaign, “Stand Up Together.” Being bullied can really impact a student’s educational experience and academic performance. I love that this campaign has made this topic a school wide discussion. I really appreciated how your group shared the process you went through to raise funds for 4th grade field trips, highlighting the challenges as well as the victories your team had. It is good to know that success in community work isn’t dependent on whether one’s first idea is successful, but more importantly on not giving up. That’s great that Brian had a personal connection to the owners of Equinox Tattoo Parlor in North Gresham and was able to partner with them in raising both awareness in the community and also funds for student field trips. I love one of the things Sara says at the end of your video, “Although our participation is short lived our impact is not.” This is so true! Well done you guys! 🙂

  15. Our PIC team was also deeply concerned with sustainable and it was interesting to see your views and opinions on how sustainability can happen in, fundraising as opposed to community outreach. I also admired the hard work it takes to continue this project after facing some road blocks. That can be discouraging but I think that your PIC group really overcame this challenge. Although you were not able to achieve all your goals, creating communities partners is much needed sustainability work!

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