17 thoughts on “Literacy and Little Free Libraries(by Tiffany, Devin, Evelyn, and Zuly)

  1. I really enjoyed your team video documenting your work promoting literacy and creating the little free library for fourth grade students at North Gresham Elementary School. I love how your group made multiple connections in the community with Powell’s book store, the local library and the local newspaper. I can only imagine the awareness about the need at North Gresham for books will be multiplied when your story runs in the newspaper. Great work on researching the demographics of students and their specific needs (as I believe there are nineteen different languages spoken at this school) and attending to these specific needs by translating library card applications and library events in Spanish. Lastly, it was great to see the little library being built by one of the group member’s families and how it was done with environmentally conscience materials. What a fantastic project!

    • It is shocking to think that there are as many as 19 different languages spoken in one community, North Gresham Elementary. I also found it difficult enough to find material in Spanish and cannot imagine what it would be like to find books or library information in less recognizable or spoken languages. This is an example of why intercultural teaching is so important to this work!

  2. What a great video!! It is cool to see how you guys incorporated the community and the North Gresham Elementary School book drive. I did not know about the Powell’s book store buy back program until after your team told the class, and knew very little about little free libraries. I liked watching your video because I got to see first hand the hard work your team put into this project.

    Lindsay Eubanks

    • Believe it or not, some of the hardest work was carry around the Little Free Library. I did not imagine it being so big but Evelyn and her family made a HUGE Little Free Library. Its size means that there will be more opportunity for books and community building!

  3. This was an awesome video. I loved the community spirit of it. And it will definitely be an addition for furthering education because it sends a message letting people know just how important reading is for enriching a students education.


  4. I loved this video and the community spirit of people helping with the project. I think this is a great way to show support and stress the importance of how important being literate is and how it’s needed to fully enrich a students education.

  5. Super cool that you got your project in the paper! Also love the fact that you got books in spanish, I remember hearing that there are many languages at North Gresham. Awesome idea.

  6. Kick ass project!! When I moved to Portland in 2012 it was the first time I saw a LFL for and was so excited about it! I’ve added books to these LFLs that are scattered around my NE neighborhood and when I return I see that people are constantly taking and replenishing the little boxes. What a great way to make a difference for kids ❤

    • This is a really fantastic idea. I think this was a really creative to put boxes with books for children who can not afford to buy their own books and be able to read books as well. That makes a difference to children to know that there is someone looking out for all children.

  7. Talk about super awesome! I LOVE this! I think reading is one of the most important things in the world and to see one of our groups do even just a little bit of work to make that easier for students fills me with so much joy. Hopefully this grows! Keep it up!

  8. I’m so glad you guys also included gathering books in multiple languages! Sometimes the most underrepresented students are also those that do not have English as their primary language. You guys did such a great job reaching out and making this a community project! Creating the opportunity for the kids to have access to the library was such a great touch!

  9. I really enjoyed your project it thought it was really creative with the little boxes to help children have access to free books can really mean the world to them.

  10. This is a really fantastic idea. I thought it was really creative to put boxes with books for children who can not afford to buy their own books and be able to read books as well. That makes a difference to children to know that there is someone looking out for all children.

  11. Tiffany, Devin, Evelyn, and Zuly… What a great project theme and group effort. Thank you for documenting your progress for all of us to see in your video. You guys did amazing things for this classroom and I am especially like that you got to put your own personal touch on the LFL painting. Nice job!!!

  12. Tiffany, Devin, Evelyn, and Zuly: Nice work. I really like the video. It really emphasizes your group effort and passion in this project. I have heard of LFL before and really enjoyed how you guys personalized your efforts with the painting and book selection in the LFL. Nice Job…. 📖 📖 📖

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