Redistributing Power: Connecting with Community (by Chelsea, Ben, Winston, Monique, and Marisa)


11 thoughts on “Redistributing Power: Connecting with Community (by Chelsea, Ben, Winston, Monique, and Marisa)

  1. It is important to recognise that the parents need to be heard. They are the foremost expert when it comes to their child’s education. The teachers are also often at the hands of a ‘higher power’ and it is important for them to also have a voice. With the parents and teachers together, the ‘symptoms’ can be managed, and hopefully in the near future, the root cause will be addressed

    • Great points Sara! We really enjoyed talking with Carlos Ramon (the Sun Coordinator) and Ms. Blythe Daniels (one of the 4th grade teachers) and hearing what inspires them to do the work that they do. Their passion was contagious!

  2. What a great video!! Great job, it was really fun to watch your teams video and the hard work and experiences you all experienced this term with your project!

  3. Awesome video!!! Your group had some really motivated members and I’m so glad you raised more than your original goal. It was such a pleasure working with all of you, especially during our time at Upward Bound together. I watched many of you connect with the kids and present them with new viewpoints on topics to stimulate critical thought. Overall, you all made a huge difference with Gresham Elementary AND with Upward Bound. I hope to see you all on campus this fall!


  4. Your video was awesome. I’m glad that you all were able to utilize the ability to make video connections. This was a great tool to use as this course was very encouraging on the video aspect. Great job!

  5. Great job, guys!! Looks like you learned a lot about social justice from this project and were able to connect closely to the community around North Gresham. It is great that you were able to raise some field trip funds for the 4th grade class there so they can enjoy the same opportunities as the more privileged. The donuts were a good idea, something many people wouldn’t mind purchasing. I liked how you added the heartfelt interview with the teacher in your video so she could really share her thoughts on teaching. Sounds like you guys also made some meaningful relationships as well. Great video.

  6. What an awesome job, guys! You’re right on about trying to use methods hat will be successful in a major way rather than dithering over doubts about donuts. Using a big corporation like Crispy Kreme isn’t something that I would have thought of off of the top of my head either, but it’s awesome that it ended up working out in a major way for you guys. Looks like you all had a lot of fun on the project and walked away with some great lessons learned. What you all did is easily something I will keep in mind for anything I undertake in the future. Awesome job again!

  7. What a great video with so many perspectives, I really liked hearing directly from the 4th grade teacher. You all did such a great job, it seems you put a lot of effort into your project and it shows.

  8. I’m jealous of how much you got to interact! I do wish that I had been able to do more of that this term, I think it would’ve easily made things stronger. But I’m happy that other students got to! Your video was a ton of fun. Happy summer!

  9. Wow! 34 boxes sold and 51 field trips funded is an impressive outcome. I really appreciate your emphasis on getting to know the background of the children you are working to serve. This helps to foster authentic relationships AND gives you a better understanding of how your work can be the most effective in helping these children. Adding the 4th grade teacher really showed your effort to get to know this community and the style of teaching that fosters their education.

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