Social Justice in the K-12 Classroom (by Jamie, Stephen, Priyanka, Lindsay, and Katelyn)

You can find magic wherever you look…. Sit back and relax all you need is a book!” – Dr. Seuss

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Our PIC team was given the opportunity to learn about the importance of younger students reading, new books in the classroom, and preserving the books donated for future years to come.

Communication: our team communicated each week on the progress of our event, assignments pertaining to our project, and with each other on a weekly basis

Team Work: as a team, we worked very well together. We each contributed to assignments, projects, and discussions

Organization: our team had great organization throughout the term, using multiple applications for the whole team to contribute whenever

Volunteer Time: we chose to step up a book fair at Barnes and Noble, with multiple stations from storytime, Spot the dog, and legos.

Our PIC team worked hard throughout the term on coordinating a Barnes and Noble book fair for the North Gresham Elementary, and a  book drive online. As a team we worked on communicating a goal to gather books for North Gresham Elementary. We set up a meeting with the library events coordinator at the Clackamas Town Center’s Barnes and Noble on Saturday August 6th, 2016 at 3:00 PM and from there we were able to get the proper information and help creating events to draw people into the store to buy books.We chose to include events surrounding the Spot the Dog books since we had the chance to borrow the costume to use during story time along with coloring and activity sheets and Lego time.

This event also came with an online code that can be used for 5 days after the book fair that way any long distance families could make purchases all while supporting the school as well. The code is in the book fair poster shown above. The event is based off of the school bringing in families in the community and school and their purchases create a percentage of which is donated straight to the school in the form of a check or gift card. Therefore, we chose to do a gift card since we receive an additional 5% on top of the purchases. Since the total purchases were under $2,000.00 then we were able to receive 15% of all purchases. We were able to raise nearly $75 in only 2.5 hours during the event. This event was a little difficult to get the word out for a good turn out since it is during the summer, but I do believe if this event was set up during the school year they may be able to get a higher profit.  


Through many weeks, as a team we accomplished setting up a donors choose account for the public to donate money for books on top of the book fair at Barnes and Noble. Our goal of $887 for the Donors Choose site including books such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The BFG, James and the Giant Peach and Matilda. These books will be automatically sent to Elizabeth McCarthy’s 4th grade class for their own personal classroom library. So far we have $802 left to raise. This account will continue to receive funds throughout the end of the year and hopefully it will be fully funded. Here is the link:


These events have helped us build authentic relationships with the school and the teacher as well as local businesses of which can help with events to raise funds and books for the classrooms at North Gresham Elementary School. We have also built relationships between all of us within the team to help us work together and build communication skills. We were able to also work the other teams within the class and we combined our goals and information about the book fair and was able to include it on another team’s website that they created to help spread the word about our goal of raising money for books for the classroom. Here is the link:



7 thoughts on “Social Justice in the K-12 Classroom (by Jamie, Stephen, Priyanka, Lindsay, and Katelyn)

  1. What a fantastic idea, you can never have enough books in schools! II enjoyed your video and I am so bummed we missed your event that day due to prior engagements, but it looks like it was a great success!

  2. Your team did an amazing job executing the book fair! Thank You! I know how difficult it can be coordinating schedules, but you guys made it work. You were able to create awareness by being present at the book fair, and hopefully that will help to fuel donations for donors choose!!

  3. Some of my favorite books to this day are ones that I read in my elementary school years. One of which was “Super Fudge, ” by Judy Blume. I think this is when I knew I was a reader. To this day reading is still one of the things I enjoy the most. The Dr. Seuss quote your team shared sums it up nicely by describing books as an invitation for students into a magical world. I loved seeing how your team travelled to Barnes and Noble to share with the community the need for funding for field trips for fourth grade students and how you gave supporters opportunities to donate a percentage of their purchase and or to donate books directly to the classroom. Great job at setting up a sustainable way for people to donate beyond this term. Good luck in reaching the remainder of your goal this year!

  4. Hey Y’all! I am very impressed that you not only created a fundraiser but a community event as well. This showed a lot of willingness to understand your community and what would maximize both the fundraising amount and the resulting benefit. I also was about to learn about the donor chose option for crowd sourcing. I think being able to choose which books get to the students is very personal and facilitates relationship building. Great work!!

  5. Great idea with the book drive. I am happy it was so successful for you all and the class. I also appreciate that you were able to set up the donors choose account. Hopefully future classes can build upon your hard work to perpetuate the flow of funds and books for this class. Great job!

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