Technology Needs at Open School Easty (by Heather, Tim, Kristie, and Cassie)

open-schoolIntroduction (Kristie):

It was ten minutes to 1 in the afternoon on a Wednesday afternoon in deep SE Portland at Open School East. There were students in and out of the building, going up and down the stairs, most of them attempting to remember where their next class was. Mr. Ross (principal) was on the microphone directing students and reminding them to make choices that would be beneficial to them. Almost 45 minutes later, we finally had the chance to sit down with Mr. Ross to discuss the ever growing need of technology in Open School East. Mr. Ross explained with the growing job market in the tech field, their immediate need of acquiring iPads for students to begin to feel more comfortable with coding, technology, and at the same time providing opportunities for new career paths. Open School already has a teacher lined up to teach the class, they have the students who are interested and the only thing missing is the ipads. This is where our PIC group comes into action.

Need (Heather):

The school needs 22 iPads for a coding class. They need to get the funding for the iPads, totaling about $11,000. We planned on getting the iPads this term, little did we know that we were going to run into so many obstacles along the way.

Work (Tim): Since we discovered we more than likely weren’t going to fully accomplish what we started, we set out looking for ways to raise the money needed for the iPads. We put together a list of scholarships, technology funds, and other educational foundations that help teachers and schools that are need of additional assistance. We also researched costs and sellers across multiple options, that way when the school is ready to purchase the iPads, they’ll have what their options are in terms of costs and sellers. We also created a video and blog explaining our missions and what the Open School is about. Our ultimate plan is to pass on everything we’ve done and collected, to the school itself, and to the next Capstone students so that the work for the school can continue and goal reached.

Conclusion (Cassie): In conclusion our goal is to provide the following terms capstone students a solid head start with a smooth transition to get Open School the iPads they need. Our work this term was bumpy, but I’m confident next terms capstone students have the resources and ability to finish the job! Good luck! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Technology Needs at Open School Easty (by Heather, Tim, Kristie, and Cassie)

  1. You all did a great job on your project. Our team also realized how difficult it can be to raise money! It sounds like you guys have done a great job gathering information and resources for the next PIC Team that gets to work on this project!

  2. I’m glad that you guys got a lot out of Open School East as so did I. It’s refreshing to know about the educational opportunities that we have available. If you haven’t already, there are videos on their website that you should all check out because they were super eye opening to me! I love that you guys started out just knowing that you wanted to do the setup work because I think that it would be super beneficial. You guys really did a nice job of building a strong foundation and leaving great framework for future capstone classes. I am hoping that they will take it and run with it.

    Great job you guys!


  3. Great Video! Fundraising Is certainly hard work. I absolutely agree with the fact that Universities should make partnerships with local schools and educational programs to bridge the gap. This class and partnership was just as beneficial to me as it was to the classroom I volunteered in. There is certainly a need for the extra support in our local schools, and little funding to provide it, so partnerships like these and other volunteering opportunities are greatly beneficial.

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