Equity in Field Trips: Fundraising to Provide Equity in Place-Based Learning Experiences for Kids at MLK School

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Why Are Field Trips Important?

Field trips are the cornerstone to a fulfilling educational career! They allow students to engage with their communities, get hands on lessons with subjects and topics they may not have otherwise grasped or encountered, as well as to learn more about themselves and their interests through this unique form of engagement.

Throughout the course of this term, our goal for the raising of money for the students at MLK Jr. School towards their field trip fund for the year has been majorly focused on the success of a bake sale. Though the previous group from Fall Term had attempted a Gofundme campaign, their efforts to instill encouragement for donations throughout the community had not been successful enough, and had only raised a little over $130. At the end of our bake sale we managed to raise $311! Our end total for the term (outside donations and such) came to $411!

About This Project

We as students for the Social Justice in the K-12 Capstone are raising money for two MLK Jr. School’s Fourth Grade classes for Field trip funds!

Due to lack of funding or money from the community at large, many students in these classes miss out on opportunities to broaden their education with extra curricular activities such as field trips. They miss out on the chance to explore their community, learn more about the people within those communities as well as about themselves and their friends and classmates.

MLK Jr. School is a Title I school and some of the students may not have the ability to afford extracurriculars such as field trips, so many of the students at MLK Jr. School go without.

Our goal was to raise about $400+ dollars for the students in these Fourth Grade Classes so as to gain the chance to check out some fun field trips and experience their world the way all kids deserve!

One of our main tactics for this project was to go beyond what the previous term’s group had done and raise money through personal fundraising as well as sharing information via social media and promotion during our upcoming bake sale!


Our goal was originally to hold the sale at two locations—the Alberta neighborhood in which the school is located, and then at PSU, where we figured would have excellent traffic and people in which able to make donations. We eventually decided to focus our efforts on just having one bake sale at PSU. We held it on March 7th, a Tuesday, and began set up around 10 am, and were there until a little after 2pm.


Some things we learned throughout the day were that people were more apt to donate/purchase something if we gave them the opportunity to donate as much as they felt comfortable donating. Giving them a base donation amount listed on some of the items helped draw people in, and then gave us a chance to explain our cause and why we were interested in taking what we could. We received a good amount of money this way, 5s and 10s in exchange for one or two pastries and a smile and head shake when we asked if they wanted change.


Setting up at the time that we did was important as well, since we were set up in Smith, located next to one of the busier cafeteria areas, and managed to garner a lot of attention around lunch time and then the early afternoon crowds looking for something sweet after eating. We saw a variety of people, did not encounter anyone who thought our attempts were silly. One notable guest even stated “Oh right, because we’re so bad off that we have to start fundraising for stuff like that ourselves.” It wasn’t a jab at us, but more at the state of our society that we’ve fallen to this point, I think…


Our only setback was that we did not have anything prepared that would be considered vegan. We had Rice Crispies, Brownies, Cupcakes, Texas Sheet Cake, Cookies, and Muffins, but had to turn a few people away when they asked on vegan products. Another worry was that we did have several items that were made with peanut products, and they had been made by the bakeries that donated to our causes, so we weren’t able to separated them from any of the other cookies, or make sure they’d been baked separate.

We also had a lot of extra product left over afterwards, which accounted for at least 4-5 boxes of product. Kristina and I figured that an extra day at attempting a bake sale would have been helpful had it not been for our busy schedules. Luckily we both have friends and family who were VERY willing to take on the leftovers, and hand them out to their coworkers!


We do think that the bake sale was such a huge success due to the nature of our project, as well as our understanding and comprehension of the goals in which we were selling for. Because we were reaching out to the community with a product, the community at large was more amiable to donate for the cause, in response to getting something sweet back, that is. One of the things I myself learned from this project was that it’s much easier to ask for physical product donations as opposed to money. If we had approached the same bakeries (Bread & Honey and Bridge City Bakery) with the want for monetary donations, we would have most certainly been turned down. Requesting small donations of products from one location or another was beneficial, and also gave they (the bakeries) some attention as they had donated their time and energy into the cause as well.

Thank you so much to our PIC team for making this such a huge success! The individual work involved with this would have not been the same without each other, and I very much enjoyed working with you all 🙂 If there’s anything you want to add to this write up feel free!


One thought on “Equity in Field Trips: Fundraising to Provide Equity in Place-Based Learning Experiences for Kids at MLK School

  1. It is wonderful that you were able to meet your goal and that the bake sale was a success. I think there are things that we learn from doing sales like these and hopefully future groups will take that into considerations if they chose to do a bake sale to raise money. Field trips give students the ability to learn about topics in a more hands on experience and they are fun and exciting for students. I think every student should be able to partake in field trips and I’m excited to know that your group was able to provide funding so that the students can participate in field trips. Great job!

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