Let’s Talk About the Common Core (by Char Ashley)


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About the Common Core (by Char Ashley)

  1. I am with you a 100% when you suggest that we should create more than one testing style to support students of all cultures. I think we are taking the easy route by creating one single testing style and expecting every single student all over the nation to understand the questions and requirements of these tests. I received education on a small island considered a U.S. Territory. Everything – from the way we think, speak, read, and write is influenced by the deep culture embedded in majority of the students, as that is how our lives were set up living on an island. When these standardized tests get sent to our schools for us to take, even the teachers themselves are confused. In the reading comprehension sections, some of the scenarios are completely jargon to us. Sure, we are in the same country, but growing up on an island and growing up in a state are two opposite worlds. Students end up playing the “guessing game,” and that is the last thing we want them to do, especially when things like funding are at stake. Thus, I believe each student’s culture should be taken into consideration if we want our education system to thrive.

    • Definitely, you bring up a lot of good points about culture! Like I mentioned, I think the common core is only common to the common middle class people. I agree with you that it fails to incorporate any alternative learning materials for every other child. I could see how the material could be confusing for other cultures, especially if English isn’t their native tongue. I do think they have some good strategies in place for teaching mathematics, which I learned a lot about in my elementary math for teachers courses that I took. The standards included numerous different types of tangible materials that students can work with and different methods to learning each concept that doesn’t include memorization of an algorithm. Additionally, that would be awesome if they had numerous strategies and materials in place for teaching the language arts to ESL students. Our public education would thrive if culture was incorporated into learning and not forgotten about.

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