Positives of Federal Testing (by Giselle Reynoso)

When it comes to the No Child Left Behind act I am completely for it. I think it is great that the schools. I agree with most of  “the federal government required states to test, disaggregate and report data on student performance, but allowed states to continue deciding on their own which standards and tests to use.” what I don’t agree with was that school denied whether or not to use easier tests on their students just to make their schools test scores look better. This in no was shape or form is helping our students, if anything it is setting us all up to fail. 
I’m not saying the students should all have to take extremely hard tests, but I do believe in setting our standards high, as it says in the text. The tests our school in Central Oregon I don’t believe were too difficult but I do remember a lot of the students complaining when the time came to take those tests. If I remember correctly they were called hawks tests. I could be wrong, i don’t remember. 
I also loved the quote :“to raise their standards so students graduate ready for college or career and can succeed in a dynamic global economy.” I feel like this goes along with what I was saying earlier. The students in high school I feel need to be given those tests that will show them and prepare them for college and what they will be going through in college, what kind of tests will be given to them, to be ready to face the real world. The tests my school administered I feel could have been more challenging (except the science one that was given that one I remember I hated). I don’t remember being thought anything I would be going through in college I just remembered our teachers saying “this won’t fly in college, your college professors will be so much more strict.” Which didn’t necessarily end up being true. 

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