Opportunity Gaps, School Zoning, and Restorative Justice (by Giselle Reynoso)

In the article, one main key point that stood out to me was that of schools managing their money wisely and how to disperse them. “Understand and manage classroom costs”. Disaggerating the costs from teacher to students to classrooms will help the school thrive. it brings the attention to how much classrooms are affected by increasing class sizes.

I didn’t agree too much with replacing the librarians with professionals, yes it would cut the cost the schools are spending. librarians are extremely helpful and although they might not be “professionals” They helps students in many different ways.

As for schools that are experiencing over crowding (and I can say this from experience because my high school was small and over crowded with students) reconfiguring old schools would have been extremely helpful. there was an old school that had shut down that our town could have fixed up a little and used it as an alternative for students to not be over booked.

I believe the answer is to treat each school district equally. Gentrifying places ruins homes it ruins families. Families no longer are able to afford living where their past generations have lived and are forced to move out in order to maintain living because they can no longer afford the cost of living. I think it isn’t our place to vote for other places we don’t live in because were really done know the conditions and the environment. the only people that really know who/what/why to vote for are those that live in the actual area.


One thought on “Opportunity Gaps, School Zoning, and Restorative Justice (by Giselle Reynoso)

  1. Hi Giselle,
    I agree that librarians serve an important role for kids, it would be sad if they were replaced. Overcrowding is a serious problem in schools and it definitely affects the quality of education kids get, as they get less attention and focus on their individual needs. Like you said, there are options to open up other schools nearby and maybe split the kids so that there will be less kids per school/classroom. I know that there is a new highschool they are building near my house, that would be taking some of the kids from the highschool I went to.

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