Upward Bound: Mentorship Project Support (PIC Team: Olivia D., Sasha, and Katy)


What is Upward Bound?

Upward Bound has been hosted at Portland State University since 1980 and provides fundamental support to students in their preparation for college entrance. They work to provide opportunities for students to succeed in their precollege performance and be able to successfully pursue higher education. They serve high school students from low-income families and students from families in which neither parent holds a bachelor’s degree.

Mentorship Program

Upward Bound proposed a mentorship program to be implemented this coming Fall that will work to engage and assist students in completing critical steps for entry into college. Four interventions they will use to assist students are:

  1. Ensure students prepare for, and take, the appropriate college entrance exam early.
  2. Assist students in their college search.
  3. Coordinate college visits.
  4. Assist students in completing college applications.

Building Authentic Relationships, Redistributing Power & Building a Social Justice Framework

Mentors will work to engage with students and provide a network of advising, workshops and assistance to further develop skills and relationships with the students. The program will help to prepare and further educate youth in order to redistribute power. Their work encourages youth to work towards their highest potential and implements a framework that encourages critical thinking and advocacy of a social justice framework. They do this by addressing the dynamics of oppression, privilege, and isms in education and society. The success of Upward Bound and TRIO continues to provide more and more students with access to resources and guidance in their education.

Our Work

We worked with Upward Bound to provide preliminary research for creating a mentorship program. We gathered information and formed it into an annotated bibliography about mentorship program efficacy, design and mentor training. We were able to find a lot of extensive and helpful research about mentoring and how effective it can be. Some of what we found included that mentor programs that last longer than 12 months seem to be the most effective and have results that positively effect students. A mentorship program is exactly what Upward Bound can use to provide even more guidance and access to learning potential than they already do. During our time volunteering and working with the teachers and students of Upward Bound we agree was a great experience. We liked being able to talk with the students individually and see how they are benefitting from the program. We hope to work more with the program and others like it in the future as well as dedicate our time and experiences to the growth of students in programs like Upward Bound!



3 thoughts on “Upward Bound: Mentorship Project Support (PIC Team: Olivia D., Sasha, and Katy)

  1. Wow guys tha is for that information….I was not familiar with UB but it really reminded me of the foundation of I Have A Dream. They also helped students to prepare for college and have a successful life. I liked that you guys have specifics about how we could help and believe that if possible we should advocate for more places like UB. I’m my opinion, many students don’t drop out of school because they careless where life is going to take them but the do it because they don’t have anyone who believes in them and supports them down the road. Great cause you guys volunteered for.
    Thanks for that info!

  2. This is so great! You have no idea what kind of impact you will have on so many kids. Not only will you be guiding them to a brighter future but you are giving them an example to follow. You never know what another student is going through but having a mentor is something many can benefit from. Curious how great the turnout is going to be, you all really put in an amazing effort to get them the proper training! If i find myself looking for more hours I would love to volunteer my time here again.

  3. It’s a lot of work to apply and prepare for college, and that can off-putting for a lot of students who are unsure of where to even start – particularly if they are the first in their family to attend college. Often all you need is someone willing to help you navigate the path to your fullest potential. Upward Bound implementing a program like this makes perfect sense.

    Great job pulling together so much valuable information for this. I’m excited to hear about how it goes!

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