Lets Vote Yes for Measure 26-196


As a member in your community it is important to voice your opinions and thoughts. A lot of individuals in a community might not feel as involved because they do not have time or they just don’t do it verbally. Voting is one simple way to make a difference in what you feel is right for the community. I will be voting “yes” on this bond that will have a positive effect on local schools and students. Not only in coming years will this bond be noticeable but the next generation will also be beneficial of this bond. This bond is making improvements on job training spaces, technology, equipment, transit, disability access, safety and site improvements such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electric, plumbing, and furnishing. While all this is getting done the current tax rate is staying the same and the $185 million dollar bond will be payable from taxes on property and property ownership.

A school bond and school levy are completely different; a bond is debt that must eventually be repaid from interest and a levy is a tax that towns and counties impose on the local property owners in order to raise the money. Voters have a impactful role in voting for school policies. Voting is done to get what the vast majority of the population wants so in a community setting for each voter makes a difference.

One questions I have about voting are; everyone being knowledgeable on the policies? I am a registered Oregon voter and have been since I was 18, it is a way to have an impact in what I would like to see happen in the community and in the United States. Now, take the time to vote because your vote can make a difference.


4 thoughts on “Lets Vote Yes for Measure 26-196

  1. I definitely agree that with this bond, it will be reflected in the community. I feel like the major factor in people not voting even on this is the fact that they aren’t informed on policies or take the time to inform themselves on important policies that would change the community that they live in. Being informed, especially about this type of measure, really would impact the community education system positively.

    • I agree I have reached out to a few people that are old enough to vote and asked if they knew about this measure coming up on the November ballot. Most of them new nothing about it and were unsure what they will be voting for in November. I hope everyone in the community takes advantage of this bond and votes yes.

  2. I definitely think it is better if people are knowledgable about the policies or things they are voting for. I am a registered voter, yet I miss out on many opportunities to vote because it is hard for me to stay informed on what is happening. I do not feel that it is right of me to vote without fully understanding what it is I am voting for. I also understand that if I want to see change that is not a good approach to have. I should be making more of an effort to stay informed. Yet as busy as I am all the time it is quite difficult. This new measure for PCC is something different though and I hope to have my ballot in on time. I think that this will help out the community so much and bring about some great changes.

    • I think doing the research and being informed on what is going on is a vary important part in voting. Everyone should know what they are voting for, not just vote for that person or measure because friends are. Just the past year I was in the same position as you, I did not stay up to date on what was going on. Now, that I am 23 I feel I should stay more connected to the community and learn more about elections because our votes do matter.

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