PCC Bond Measure: Vote YES to Vote for the Future (by Sarah Schroeder)

PCCI am a 36 year old working, mother of five, and a full time student. Over the years, my husband and I have struggled to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck. At one point we collectively worked 5 jobs to ensure we could put food on the table, pay rent, and keep the utilities on. We have always managed to make it work, but the struggles never seemed to rest. We realized the best chance we had at making a better life was for me to go back to school. Now I am a senior and ready to graduate and hit the ground running! My story of financial struggle while raising a family, is not a new story. In our current economy and political climate, we face a rapidly growing gap between rich and poor. Higher education is our greatest weapon against this country’s plague of generational poverty.

I share this experience with you because November 7, 2017 is voting day in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Columbia or Yamhill Counties. On that ballot is a bond Measure 26-196 for Portland Community College to fund improvement projects on campus. This includes, just to name a few, improve job training facilities, expand childcare services, upgrade current facility features such as hvac, plumbing, etc to keep buildings sustainable and energy efficient, and to improve safety, security, and accessibility so that all students feel safe.  This vote is important for our community and there are few things you should know. Portland Community College is the largest post-secondary educational institution in Oregon, serving over 78,00 students each year (www.pcc.edu). PCC is able to offer affordable job training, quality education, and increased opportunities for its students.

So, let’s talk logistics! Why is this important to you?

Business owners need a more skilled workforce and the community needs better paying jobs. This is a vital component to our community’s success and the vitality of Portland’s economy. I am sure the next, natural question is: “what does this cost me?” This bond is renewing a previously voted on measure that passed in 2000. Therefore, it will not increase your taxes. Not only will it not cost you anything, every $1 invested in Portland Community College returns $12.50 directly into Oregon’s economy! This bond is a win-win. Why would you vote “no”?


2 thoughts on “PCC Bond Measure: Vote YES to Vote for the Future (by Sarah Schroeder)

  1. Thank you for sharing your story Sarah! I also did my blog post on this prompt of Measure 26-196. This opportunity is great for the community and Portland Community College. The community isn’t having to pay more for this bond so like you said there is no reason not to vote “no” for this measure. This community needs this measure to pass not only to make improvements for education but also it will reflect and give back to the surrounding businesses and neighborhood.

  2. Your story is very familiar to many making it easy to relate to your struggles. This is a great opportunity that is being presented and there really is no reason to vote “no” on it. Many people believe they’ll have to pay more for it but as you mentioned, it would cost virtually nothing! With this, I believe it would be able to grant schools with the opportunities for bettering their education systems not only for the students, but the teachers as well.

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