How the DREAM Act and DACA Impact Students (by Cynthia Lagunas)

5c7c1803e4This week for our class discussion we had the chance to explore DACA and Immigration. One of the questions that was asked was “How Do you think the dream act and DACA affect students”. This topic is very controversial at this moment. Our president has all the students that already had DACA very sadden and stressed out.

Most of the students with DACA are those who want a career and want to be successful in life. These students didn’t have a say in whether they came to the united states or not they were brought here when they were very young. They grew up here, and they went to school here and now they are being told that they may not get the chance to work or go to school.

Even though I am not in that situation I am very sad for them and it makes me think of how cruel life is with those that don’t deserve it. I hope our president think about all these students that are waiting to hear good news and decides to keep DACA going.

I come from a family that immigrated to the United States for a better life and to offer us their kids better schooling and a better life in general. I hope that something gets done for all those students that are waiting to hear news.


1. Do you think that these students should get DACA? Why or why not

2. What do you think will be done about DACA?

3. Do you think these student that have lived here most of their lives should be put through this? Why or why not?


5 thoughts on “How the DREAM Act and DACA Impact Students (by Cynthia Lagunas)

  1. Hello,

    I definitely believe that these students should get DACA. They are students, they are trying to achieve a better life. I don’t think they should penalized for that. I don’t believe anyone should be put through this. They have lived in this country most of their lives, some all of their lives from what they can remember, to send them back to a place that’s unfamiliar to them is cruel, its abandonment. These are human beings that have contributed and have steady plans to continue to contribute in a positive manner to “American” society and economy. I don’t believe DACA will be dismantled. “America” was built off immigration. The very leaders who are amking these horrible decisions are 1st,2nd and 3rd immigrants anyway. They would be ultimately sending themselves “Home”.

    • Cynthia,

      In my opinion, and as Kiara mentioned, these students should get DACA. They are looking to better themselves, their lives. The United States has been shown to be a beacon of prosperity, wealth, etc. People want that! We are all constantly reaching for economic success. Why can’t these student have the same? Sadly, Cynthia, it might be because they have black or brown skin. Our president has voiced his option about people from other countries, especially countries whose main population is black and brown. How can the leader of our country have perceptions and beliefs that black and brown people are “unworthy” to live in the U.S. and/or should be subservient. It sounds like racism to me. If our leader believes in racism, sexism, classism, etc., what can we say about the people who voted him in. Mainstream society has forgot that most of our ancestors are immigrants, even Trumps. We are all people, and everyone deserves a chance to be successful!

      Last piece of information I will leave you. It is my opinion and experience, but I’ve have heard and learned in our society is that black and brown people have to work twice as hard for a reward that is of lesser and/or equal value. Is it fair? No it isn’t. What can we do? Be champions of the cause, in the best way we can!


    • Kiara,
      Thanks for responding! I agree with you 100% but i don’t think these 1st, 2nd, and, third immigrants think they are immigrants they don’t see it the way they should be.

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