King School Snack Project (by Colton Anderson, Justin Misner, Kent Poulsen, Areana Martinez, and Kelsie Sowles)

King School Nutrition Project 


  1. Building authentic relationships
  2. Redistributing power
  3. Working through a social justice framework

What did we do?:

This term, our group focused on Fundraising to have healthy food accessible for children is part of a larger effort to move away from sugar and keep student bellies full and minds focused. There are a lot of connections between good nutrition and doing well in school and life.

“We need healthy snacks in the classroom for kids who are hungry. I have been buying almonds for my students, and the children have been inhaling them. They are hungry and either don’t bring a snack or bring things like Cheetos and Gatorade.”

From Liz McCarthy, a 3rd and 4th grade teacher at the school

We would like to provide substantive, healthy snacks in the classroom that will give students the energy they need to be in school, to play, etc. It is simultaneously important to think about how we can immediately get some snacks into the classroom AND to think about more long-term solutions and partnerships that might be able to support this work. That said, we would like to partner with our neighborhood businesses and work together to support our local schools. Kids should be in school to learn and not have to be distracted by hunger.

How can we continue this work?

 We can continue this work by seeking out opportunities in our communities. We won’t know where to start if we don’t start looking. Check out Portland Public Schools’ website and volunteer section to get started in schools. We would also recommend looking into some local bookstores, grocery stores like New Seasons, restaurants in your neighborhood as a volunteer coordinator, local police force, and non-profits like New Avenues for Youth, Reading is Resistance.

It takes a wide array of networks to find the tools needed to be successful going forward. It would be incredibly beneficial to find neighborhood stakeholders who can support their neighborhood school and provide more resources there that will allow the kids to go on field trips, have healthy snacks in class, and purchase sturdier materials.



8 thoughts on “King School Snack Project (by Colton Anderson, Justin Misner, Kent Poulsen, Areana Martinez, and Kelsie Sowles)

  1. I wish I would have known you were doing bake sales!! I’m always up for a good cookie! In seriousness, this was such a great accomplishment! Almost 500 bucks is a great start. I really like that you guys left some money for incoming capstone classes to get started! Nice job team!

  2. Great job! I wish that I would have known about the bake sale! I’m not sure that I would have made it to campus but I would have definitely donated. Also great job leaving left over funds to carry on your project, and lastly loved the Dr. Martin Luther King quote, that tied your project together perfectly! 🙂

  3. Great job guys! i like that your group was able to use a hands on approach and man a bake sale. I think that it is awesome that you were able to have some money left over to help the next group get started and keep the ball rolling.

  4. As a child who was unable to have healthy snacks in elementary school, projects like these make me both sad for the need but happy when people like you realise that no community can be complete when children go hungry. You guys did such great work and I hope your future endeavors only grow!

  5. Hey everyone!

    I loved this!! I was aware of the fundraiser and even got the chance to try your brownies, they were so tasty!! But besides that, this was a great project, sometimes need is immediate, and this is the best way to get that need out there ASAP. Thanks for your hard work 🙂

  6. Wow! you guys got a great start. Getting the message out there is important. It was very kind of you to leave money for the next group. Also, Thanks for the volunteering tips. I will be looking into them!

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