Community Partners for Affordable Housing (by Sara Meyer)

Community Partners for Affordable Housing

Over this term I have worked with Volunteers of America that has partnered with Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH). I spent time working with children that attend their summer program that is offered at various apartment complexes that are specifically for families with lower incomes. The program is designed to allow children to be active in educational and recreational activities that are free for the parents. One of the mains goals of the summer program for the children is to keep them engaged in learning and ready for school year.

The summer camps run for five weeks at each of the CPAH properties. The children participate in tons of enriching activities like, art projects, cooking, sports, and educational games. The program also has a partnership with the Beaverton and Tigard School Districts, so the kids get to utilize the summer lunch program. A truck comes to their location and serves them lunch

Along with all of the fun activities that are on site, the summer program is able to take them on lots of exciting fieldtrips. Some of the trips the children told me about were Past to the Oregon Coast, OMSI, the Oregon Zoo, the library, swimming and Portland Children’s Museum. The Summer Youth Program is designed to expose children to a wide variety of educational opportunities that might not get to be.

While working with some of the children in the program, I wanted to get to know them better. My focus was building relationship with them. I learned a little about where they go to school and what they like to do for fun. Most of the children came from very large families where they take care of each other while their parents are at work. It was great to see the children engaged in activities that they otherwise wouldn’t get to do without out the summer program. I definitely saw how beneficial this program is and hope that others get the opportunity to volunteer with CPAH.


5 thoughts on “Community Partners for Affordable Housing (by Sara Meyer)

  1. I love the way you presented this, this video would be a great way to bring awareness about the program to parents in the community who might want their kids to participate as well as folks looking for future volunteer opportunities.

    I think this has the potential to become a great tool for the growth of the program if you ever feel like proposing the idea of a promotional video to Camille from V.O.A.

  2. I think this is a wonderful program. I am glad that you got to be a part of these kids lives for the summer. I think is video was really wonderful at bringing to light how important programs like these are. How wonderful that the children got to go on field trips to places like OMSI.
    Thank you so much for sharing your work and giving us all a glimpse into another world for the summer.

  3. Wow, this is such an awesome program. I am sure the kids who are able to participate are growing so much through their exposure to activities they may not have otherwise would not have this opportunity. Summer can be an excellent time for children to learn and grow through new experiences, but many families can not provide these types of activities for their children. It would be great if we could develop more programs like this!

  4. I am glad to learn that programs like this exist and that you were able to be apart of it. I think that more programs like this should exist. I wish that more people knew about this so that there was a larger scale of volunteers to connect with these children the way that you did.

  5. I love the observation you made in your video about how much we have to learn from children. Sometimes it feels like I have learned just as much from my son as I have taught him. I had never heard of this specific program before so it is new to me and I really like programs like this that aim to give parents a peace of mind while they have to be away from their kids.

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