Reading is Resistance with Amanda, Darian, and Kristina

What Is Reading Is Resistance?

Our project is an online based website that provides information about the Reading is Resistance program. The Reading is Resistance project was started by our instructor, Zapoura Newton-Calvert, as a project through her Little Free Library in N. Portland. Her Little Free Library is dedicated to the free exchange of literature for kids and youth. The goal of the Little Free Library became to supplement the donations received with the purchase of books that represent the diversity of our neighborhoods, not only in language, but also gender, ethnicity, values, and more.

For this project, we focused on working through a Social Change Perspective. Social change refers to the idea of social progress. Our blog posts and diverse Little Free Libraries are examples of ways that we aim to make changes as a small group that will have a large impact in our community and in society. Culturally diverse literature can be difficult to find in some communities. Making culturally diverse literature readily available to children in the community is a great way to introduce children to different languages, cultures, cuisines, music and more.

What We Did

This term we continued making progress on the Reading is Resistance website. As a team, we came together to create new content on the website through blog post such as “Banned Books You Should Be Reading”, “How to Teach Your Child About Diversity” and more. This content was developed in an effort to create more resources for community members to find and utilize diverse reading materials.  Our team created several bookmark designs to place inside of the books distributed in the Little Free Libraries with more information on how to access culturally diverse reading materials and to learn more about the Reading is Resistance Project. We started a list of Portland area Little Free Libraries, so our community members can find a Little Free Library in their neighborhood. We hope to that every child no matter their heritage will have access to books that reflect their characteristics back to them so that can feel connected to the content they are reading.

Why It Matters

Our group focus was on creating blog posts for the reading is resistance website that included lists of multicultural literature and where to find it. Multicultural literature is a powerful tool that enables children and students to develop a greater understanding of other cultures as well as their own. This deeper knowledge allows relationships to be strengthened and gaps to be bridged among students of culturally diverse backgrounds. Children of the 21st century are global participants and it is important for them to possess cultural sensitivity.

Developing a library collection of culturally diverse literature and making sure it is used in a schools curriculum, helps build a community that is supportive, empathetic and accepting of others. Culturally diverse literature helps create a sense of belonging and builds a connection between home and school.

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4 thoughts on “Reading is Resistance with Amanda, Darian, and Kristina

  1. This was a wonderful video and blog post. I love how you featured all of these wonderful books for children. I have not seen a little free library, but the idea is fantastic. I think it is fantastic that children who need diverse books will have access to them and be able to take them home. Thank you so much for sharing your project and I am now going to look for more little free libraries in my own community!

  2. You guys did a great job on your post and video. The work you did will make such a difference. Every child needs diverse books. Making them known is the first step!

  3. Fantastic job! Reading was my escape as a kid and I would have loved this so much. I know kids are benefiting from this big time.

  4. Darian and Team,

    What an ambitious idea! Our project touched on similar themes of diversity, but you guys went all in! Wonderful job, I think anyone who has access to your resources and can check out your contributions to the Little Free Libraries would be fascinated and inspired by your work! There are a few mailbox libraries in my town, maybe I will pick some of your favorites and pop them in there!

    Thank you for your hard work!

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