All Gender Restrooms for All (by Miles & Brittany)


7 thoughts on “All Gender Restrooms for All (by Miles & Brittany)

  1. This was an informative presentation of your project on the gender segregation issues surrounding in the gender neutral bathroom movement. It’s cool to see the Portland Village charter school, and PPS generally, are moving in the direction of inclusivity. Nice work!

  2. I love that this issue is being talked about and action is being taken. I have firsthand witnessed how uncomfortable nonconforming bathrooms can be for those who identity differently or have a disability and need assistance. Great job on presenting this information!

  3. nice job! This video is very informative! I appreciated how you discussed the benefits of gender neutral restrooms. I think that its important for everyone to feel safe and comfortable in restrooms. I also like that many colleges and universities are implementing gender neutral restrooms on campus for their students. Thank you!

  4. I loved how this opened the doors to a request the was submitted to a school. I think that it is extremely valuable to recognize the importance of all gender bathrooms. The research was very well thought out and provided a good amount of insight on why it is important to put these restrooms as a standard in schools across the nation.

  5. I like that it was originally brought up by a student and your group was able to create a bigger push to make this happen. My sister is transgender and this is something I wish was more prevalent in her schools. I know that at my starbucks store I worked with my store manager on changing the signs on our restrooms so that more people would feel welcome. Obviously there are more things to work out still but raising the awareness is half the battle.

  6. I really enjoyed your project. I didn’t know a lot about gender neutral bathrooms, but I have always felt that they are important. I think a lot of misconceptions come with the idea of gender neutral bathrooms, and your project has helped show the importance of them. Great job!

  7. I have to admit, I didn’t know much about the all gender bathrooms being a big deal in middle schools. I mostly thought that it was only in colleges and work places so, this is very new information to me and I think it’s a cool idea. I know in class you bought up the point of parents with children and the looks they get when they bring their child of an opposite gender into the bathroom with them but, another benefit to this is when ladies are out at concerts and we have to use the restroom. instead of cutting and trying to go into the men’s bathroom, we can now go into the all gender restrooms, I know there’s a few on campus and I don’t mind at all. Great job you guys! very informative and can’t wait to see the outcome of this 🙂

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