Knowledge is Power (by Marco & Yesenia)


7 thoughts on “Knowledge is Power (by Marco & Yesenia)

  1. Sounds like your presentation to Upward Bound students was well sourced and informative. I agree that providing accurate information on this incredibly important issue is vital, especially with the proliferation of mis-information that seems to be fooling so many these days. Nice work on this project and good luck to you both with your future endeavors!

  2. I appreciate you sharing the history of Ice and immigration reform. I did not know where the separation of children and families came from and I feel like this is still a bad practice. This was a very well presented video and I found it overwhelmingly informative. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I like that you highlighted the fact that separation of families is an ongoing issue and has occurred during the oppression of different groups throughout the history of the United States. It is a way to weaken a specific culture and to indoctrinate them into the U.S culture. I agree that knowledge is power and ignorance often leads to bias and racist practices. Many people feel as though they do not have the power to fight back against racism but they can if they inform others of the truth and fight for their rights.

  4. This topic hits close to home for me! I’m so happy to see it being discussed with kids, we should never underestimate their capacity to learn and understand serious issues in our world. I think it’s so important to redistribute power to kids and to educate them with unbiased and factual information. Great job!

  5. Nice work! I appreciate that you discussed the history of the immigration reforms of the past presidents. It was a nice refresher into the subject and highlights how current reforms came about. I also liked how you talked about the separation of families and how it began. This video is very informative and provides an understanding of what is happening around us. Thank you!

  6. I love that you gave the history of ICE and their purpose. It is important to know that it is not just a negative organization and that they do some actual good. However, it is very difficult to see the work that they do tear families apart and make it extremely difficult to receive a visa.

  7. I really enjoyed watching this slide show, I learned about some things that I didn’t know about beforehand and you bought a lot of information to the table. I am glad that you took the time out to talk to upward bound students about Ice and immigration reform, and through your presentation I learned more about what Ice does as well as more information about the immigration reform. so, I really do appreciate you sharing all of this with us and thank you.

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