Technology Toolkit: How to Get Comfortable with Tools for the Class

I’ve put together this technology toolkit to allow you a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the technology we’ll be using in the class to create a dynamic learning space.  Take a little time to become familiar and to email me any questions.  I recommend exploring one tool at a time, becoming comfortable, and then moving on to the next!  The technology learning is a part of the outcome of the course — learning to be flexible and agile with technology can positively impact all of our social justice work.

Inside and outside of D2L (new content coming SOON)

Voice Thread for Course Learning & Interacting: Where Discussion Takes Place

Voice Thread (samples, video tutorial series, and test thread)

  • Step 1: Look at a video on why instructors like to use use Voice Thread, and check out a short list of best practices in Voice Thread (tips for success; please note that not all of these DOs and DON’Ts directly apply to our class but may be helpful in general)
  • Step 2:  And then go through the Voice Thread Basics Slideshow.
  • Step 3: Practice.  You will have access to Voice Thread on the first day of class.  There will be a test thread that you can use to practice.

Pebble Pad for Reflection: Where Journals Take Place

What is PebblePad?

Getting Your Pebble Pad Account & Logging In (

Creating a PebblePad Blog for Journal Reflections

Sharing Your Journal with Me for Evaluation and Feedback

Pebble Pad’s Mobile App



(optional, extra credit and for PIC Team end-of-term) WordPress Blog (check out our course blog; authors are current and former students, community partners, teachers, etc.)

  • Step 1: Check out our course blog and sign up for a WordPress Username (tutorial here)
  • Step 2: Wait for my invitation to WordPress (I will be in touch about when these will go out) and accept it.  Then, learn how to post (for future reference).  You will be asked to individually post once during the term and will also a team post.  You may also be compelled to post interesting content that relates to current education issues on your own 🙂 (tutorial here).

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