Supporting Families Within the PSU Community by Encouraging High-Quality Family Time—In Cooperation with PSU’s Resource Center for Students with Children (by Vee Mangual, Josh Mannion, Aleina Langford, Angela Haluska, and Roya Afghan Haji Abbasi

  Our group has five members—and two of us are student-parents. We understand all too well how the community does and does not support families. One of the most precious resources to any busy student is TIME, and that resource … Continue reading

Reading Into Childhood Empowerment: (A Social Equity PIC Project By Ally, Laura, Savannah, and Gabrielle)

Social inequity impacts students and their ability to learn in a variety of ways. Obstacles outside of their control often provide roadblocks to their learning, such as poverty, hunger, or even lack of access to books. Our social justice project … Continue reading

Building a Social Media Campaign Around Standardized Testing (by Mike, Rachel, Troy, and Brandon)

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE! Our group hosted a social media campaign in order to bring more attention to issues in education that have implications on nearly every student in the public education system. The issue that we felt was most … Continue reading