8 Summer Films on Education: Watch & Learn

It has been hot, and I’ve had a busy summer so far.  I’m teaching full time, parenting full time, and working to sneak in some vacation-like moments listening to music through the Summer Concerts in the Park series, going on trips to the Oregon Zoo,  spending a little time in the garden, and hauling books back and forth between our house and our local branch of the Multnomah County Library.
At night, when the kids have gone to bed, I love to sit back and watch a film.  While I do watch my share of non-school related movies, here’s a list of titles that will create cinematic learning experiences about the state of education in America right in your own living room.  I’ve listed the title of each film and an easy place or places you can find this film. I’ve also put an asterisk by the films that are a little more optimistic in case you can’t take one more depressing bit of information about schools.  I completely understand.
  1. The Lottery (Netflix)
  2. *August to June (website & purchase/screening information: http://augusttojune.com/index.html)
  3. American Teacher (Netflix)
  4. The Cartel (Netflix)
  5. Race to Nowhere: The Dark Side of America’s AchievementCulture (Netflix)
  6. *Project Happiness (website & purchase/screening information: http://www.projecthappiness.org/)
  7. Waiting for Superman (Netflix)
  8. *Whatever It Takes (Netflix)

Most of these films that can be received or instantly viewed via Netflix are also available at local independent movie shops like Videorama.  It’s also possible to get most of these through your local university library if you have a school library card.

Happy viewing.  And check back for a summer reading list and some book reviews later in the week!