Update on Occupy PSU: And 2nd General Assembly Meeting Scheduled for 11/21

If you want to follow what happened at Occupy PSU, here are a few articles:

The second general assembly meeting is scheduled for Monday, 11/21, at 2:00 in the Urban Plaza.  If you’re interested in the message of the movement, engaging with other students and faculty in Occupy, etc., check it out, and report back!

If you attended the rally on 11/16, post here to describe your experience.

Portland State University Student Walk-Out Planned for Wednesday, November 16

A former student of mine recently emailed me as part of her research process gathering information for a planned P.S.U. student walk-out planned for Wednesday, 11/16, at noontime in solidarity with the Occupy Portland movement.  Is the lack of affordable, equitable access to higher education on your radar?  How do you feel about walk-outs as forms of protest?

Check out their blog at www.http://defendeducationpdx.wordpress.com for more information.  And think about the ways that you take action to support the education issues that are important to you…what could you do more of?  What are the specific issues you can take on?  And do you need additional resources or ideas about how to make action possible?


Action Monday: Show Your Support for Equal Access to Higher Education!

Is affordable access to higher education important to you? Please, take this one quick action today. Follow the attached link, and submit an email to your member of Congress telling him/her that you support access to Pell Grants for college students, especially those who are working and supporting families. Educational equity requires equal access!

Write a quick reply to let us know if you support Pell Grants and/or if you decided to send an email to your member of Congress!  By showing your own action, you will encourage others!