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ACTION ALERT Today via Think Out Loud’s Conversation on Portland’s Art Tax Measure (24-146)

During my morning check-in to my blog, my email, and my Facebook, I was struck by the Children Defense Fund’s latest shared quote encouraging us to vote with children in mind: “Give Children a Voice.  Yours.  Vote.”

The election season brings an energy to the air and allows us all opportunities to step a little outside our usual advocacy comfort zone.  Today, we all have an easy opportunity to bring our voices to a community forum on Portland’s Art Tax Measure (24-146) via calling in and commenting in on OPB’s noon conversation about the tax measure.  Here are some easy steps:

  1. Read Up.  The link goes to the actual tax measure language for 24-146.  I also recommend doing some searching on how organizations like the PTA, local state legislators, parents, artists, etc. feel about the measure.
  2. Comment or Call In.  Here’s the link to the Think Out Loud page dedicated to the noon conversation on 24-146.  I’m sure the online conversation will be going on long after the radio airs the show, so check in whenever you can and add your thoughts.  This is all part of educating ourselves and our community.

It’s a simple as these two steps today.  So brew up some coffee, listen to the conversation, and give children a voice through your active participation.

Let me know how it goes!