Social Roots of Inequity PIC Team Project, Spring 2014

Contributors: Bailey Ellis-Wiard, Nicole Piete, Kim Angelina Stefani, Steph Hickman, Sam Krieger What is Restorative Justice? Restorative justice is taking responsibility for your actions that have harmed someone else.  Instead of punishment the offender gets more involved with the victims … Continue reading

No More Pushouts!

January 2014: Kennedy High School Race Talk event topic (click photo to check out the website)

January 2014: Kennedy High School Race Talk event topic (click photo to check out the website)

Welcome 2014!
This month, Kennedy High School’s Race Talk event topic is: “NO MORE PUSHOUTS! Stopping the School-to-Prison Pipeline”

Come out to join the dialogue. It will be held on Tuesday January 14 at 7pm. The doors open at 6pm. Communication is the biggest key in uniting and informing our communities. This would be a great opportunity for anyone willing to voice out and listen to others. It’s interesting, fun and free! Stay involved and be involved. Hope to see you there!

Talking to Our Children About Race: FREE Event on September 10 at the Kennedy School

ImageUniting to Understand Racism (UUR) is hosting “A Tribute to Treyvon Martin: Talking to Our Children About Race,” a community conversation, on Tuesday, September 10, at the McMenamins Kennedy School.

In the face of school reforms focused on assessment and discriminatory punishment of students for what are surely larger community ills, this series of conversations (held on the second Tuesday of each month) gives me hope and has really inspired all of my students who have ever attended.  UUR is taking two sure paths to educational equity: racial justice and honest dialogue (two pieces of their mission).  Support them, your own students, your own children…and attend!

And for more inspiration, read this post from a former student who attended Race Talks as part of our Enhancing Youth Literacy Capstone: