Who Deserves Education? Tuition Equity, the DREAM Act, and the Essence of an American (by Guest Blogger Ashley Friedman)

What is an American made of? Are they hard workers? Do they dream the American dream? Is “American” just a legal definition, or does it have some sort of deeper meaning? Further, how does one become American? Can you just … Continue reading

Join the Next Rally: Get Inspired by this Footage from the Recent UPSET Event in Portland!

In my last post, I described attending the recent UPSET rally for Portland Public Schools with my daughter Vera and feeling really inspired and reinvigorated for this work for social justice in education in Portland.

As I prepared for my Monday Capstone class at Portland State University, I was looking for footage of the rally to show my students, and I found the following photo/video diary from the Great Schools for America site.  While the power of a rally really is in the moment (the sound of voices, signs dotting the crowd, the amazing energy), this footage in photos and video really does capture some of the frustrations and power that are present in our community.  I only hope that this momentum will continue and that more community members will join together so that schools in Portland actually achieve the equity that so many of us dream of.

If you weren’t at the rally, check out the footage and decide to join us all for the next one!