Reading Into Childhood Empowerment: (A Social Equity PIC Project By Ally, Laura, Savannah, and Gabrielle)

Social inequity impacts students and their ability to learn in a variety of ways. Obstacles outside of their control often provide roadblocks to their learning, such as poverty, hunger, or even lack of access to books. Our social justice project … Continue reading

Supporting Families, Supporting Kids: Revitalizing the Computer Room at Spencer House (Maria, Schae, Maia, Justin, Bobbie, and Megan)

Our Team theme was supporting families supporting kids for our project we decided to focus in a community project where it helps kids do their homework. We decided to do our project at Community Partners for Affordable Housing at the … Continue reading

Taking a Bite Out of Child Hunger (by Amanda Elmer, Jared McCleve, Kiandra Cole, and Evan Patten)

Hunger kills education. This experiment has been done again and again with the same result. Luckily, the government instituted the free lunch program for financially limited families. But if they are experiencing hunger in school, it is almost a guarantee … Continue reading

A Reading Corner Project at CPAH, Oleson Woods (by Dragana Vukalo, Alisa Zagumennaya, and Jason Morris)

Educational inequality is prevalent in American society. Many factors can contribute that can affect educational attainment of students. These factors include poverty, hunger, immigration, and housing. A child in poverty is more likely to experience hunger and food insecurity that … Continue reading