How the DREAM Act and DACA Impact Students (by Cynthia Lagunas)

This week for our class discussion we had the chance to explore DACA and Immigration. One of the questions that was asked was “How Do you think the dream act and DACA affect students”. This topic is very controversial at … Continue reading

How the Common Core and National Standards Further the “Achievement Gap” (by Char Ashley)

Defining “Achievement Gap” and Other Educational Disparities Achievement Gap refers to the different disparities among academic performance between groups of students. International Achievement Gap refers to the different disparities among academic performance between groups of students in other industrial nations. … Continue reading

Common Core: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Cons? (by Marina Bubnova)

Since being unleashed on the field of education in 2010, common core has been both praised and denounced from all sides. While standards are important for school to have for their students, some thought that common core was an overreach … Continue reading

Standardizing = Equal Standards? (by Jasmine Bahramian)

The way education and testing standards should be approached is not an easy matter. There is not only plenty of variety across various states and locations, but each individual child is unique in their path towards academic success. However, there … Continue reading

The Good and the Bad of Testing Standards (by Jessica Urbina)

We all know that testing makes up a big part of how a public school are funded and at times the testing difficulty can impact the average scores of each school. When the testing standard is different in each state, … Continue reading

Oregon Homeless Youth Project (by Sierra, Katie, Dallas, and Renee)

Many people are not aware of how many students in Oregon are homeless or that it affects students of all ages starting as young as preschool age. There are also several people that are unsure how to help those in … Continue reading

Greenberg Oaks: Helping to Close the Digital Divide (by James Toombs, Arthur Truong, Jonathan Riquelme, and Anthony Yuzko)

Greenberg Oaks, an apartment complex connected to CPAH, or the Community Partners for Affordable Housing Computer Center, is located in Tigard OR. In 2006, Greenberg Oaks received a budget of over 2.5 million dollars to help renovate and encourage people … Continue reading

The Power of Reading (by Sarah Tipsord, Kristina Heininge, and Mary Kelley, Fall 2014 Capstone Students)

Having books inside the home motivates students and their parents to read together, and having a variety of books in the home will eventually lead to raising a students’ reading level. Please watch The Power of Reading to find out more … Continue reading